President’s Message

As I am writing this, the summer is coming to an end and the beginning of the fall sports season is already well underway.  It’s hard to believe that our symposium in Toronto was two months ago.  I’d like to thank Jan and his organizing committee for making the Toronto symposium such a success.  Thanks also goes to Steve Mills and the Continuing Education committee for making sure the symposium delivers material that is educational and beneficial to us all in our daily practices.

I had the pleasure of representing the ASD at the Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science (JCSMS) meeting earlier this year.  At the meeting former Surgeon General Boris Lushniak spoke on creating and organizing action plans and how organizations can work together to have a collective impact in their field.  To this end I have tasked the ASD Board with re-affirming and strengthening our existing affiliations such as with NATA.  After listening to Elif Gündüz speak about the European Association for Sports Dentistry (EA4SD), I spoke with her regarding forming an official affiliation with the EA4SD.  I have since been in communication with EA4SD President Sophie Cantamessa and I am happy to announce that we have formalized an affiliation with a Memorandum of Understanding.  This affiliation will allow for more efficient communication with our European counterparts.  The first ever EA4SD Symposium will be held this November and several of our members will be presenting there.  At the JCSMS meeting I also had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Performing Arts Medicine Association/Athletes and the Arts (PAMA).  These are interesting organizations that identify performance artists as athletes and treat them with their unique needs.  I am working on having representatives from these organizations present at our meeting in Nashville and developing a relationship which will allow our members to assist in treating these “athletes” unique dental needs.

We have a very special organization that offers a great service to many athletes.  During this next year my goal is to help grow the ASD and to improve our exposure as to what ASD members have to offer.  In this endeavor I have asked the Strategic Planning Committee to review and update the ASD strategic plan.  An exciting step in getting more exposure for the ASD is the development of a joint webinar series with the ADA.  This webinar series will allow our members to provide topics and material and the ASD to provide the platform and audience.  Hans Stasiuk and Byron Blasco will be presenting the first of hopefully many in a series of webinars that will bring the ASD more exposure.   I would like to also encourage all ASD members to like and use the ASD Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages whenever you are involved in a sports dentistry event.

In Toronto we were presented with “Building Blocks for the Future”.  Now we need to take these blocks and build upon them with new opportunities and take the ASD to the next level.  I look forward to working on this endeavor.