President’s Message


It is a great honor to be accepting this position. I'd like to thank all those who came before me, especially Danette, Wayne, Jim, Rob, Rick and Paul. I know I have big shoes to fill. I think Danette has done an amazing job this past year. I'd also like to thank Kris and his committee for putting on a great symposium. I greatly enjoy my involvement with the Academy for Sports Dentistry, and the openness and willingness of everyone to help is what sets this organization apart from others that I have been involved in. It's provided me an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, which I have found extremely helpful with my involvement in sports dentistry. I especially also want to thank Doug Lambert for getting me involved in the Academy when I took over full responsibility as the Team Dentist for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

During the next year, we will continue to build our relationships with NATA and other related organizations. I think our affiliation with Special Olympics Special Smiles was another great way to demonstrate how much we can contribute. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Greg Chang with the emphasis on the importance of healthy nutrition for the athletes we work with.

I would like to see continued recognition of the Academy for Sports Dentistry as the lead organization for prevention, treatment, education and research as part of the sports medicine team. I think it's important that we continue to get our name out there and the benefits that we can provide on a daily basis for athletes of all ages, using various avenues including social media and other distribution channels. Throughout the coming year, we may ask you to help us provide interesting content to use so that the general public becomes more aware of ASD's purpose and commitment. We'll be providing more information on this as we finalize our action plan. In the meantime, for those of you who are active on social media, please start to follow ASD on Instagram and Twitter if you haven’t ready.

Over the past year, we have all seen incidents of trauma to the oral cavity that could have been mitigated by the use of a properly fitted mouthguard, even in sports that are not typically viewed as contact sports. I think it's good if we can better publicize these cases to the general public.

I think it is important that we try to encourage friends and colleagues to get involved with the Academy and educate people on the use of properly fitted mouthguards during all sports-related activities, including practices, training, and competition. I have found the training provided at our Symposiums invaluable.

I also think it's important for all of us to be aware of new products coming into the marketplace and use the members' section of the ASD website to pass along any experiences you have with them. This is one of the topics I would like our Board to monitor closely during the year and disseminate any appropriate information or feedback as needed.

I'd like to encourage everyone to join one of our committees to become more involved. I look forward to your continued help and support throughout the year.
Thank you.

Edward Bick, DDS